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Please join us for the 14th Annual Detroit Sports Medicine Symposium

July 27th-28th
(The Inn at St. Johns - Plymouth, MI)


Agenda - Subject to Change
Keynote Speakers
Dr. Thomas J. Graham and Dr. T. Moorman

The Detroit Sports Medicine Foundation is dedicated to a multiple-specialty, multifaceted approach to the treatment and prevention of sports-related injuries. We supply education, research and services to the orthopedic community in Detroit and surrounding areas.


Our Mission is to provide excellent patient care to all age levels, to educate the next generation of medical professionals, to find innovative solutions through research, and to excel at team coverage and community outreach. We aim to elevate the training of Sports Medicine providers.


Led by the President and Chair of the Detroit Sports Medicine Foundation, Dr. Stephen E. Lemos, DSMF has a combination of innovative staff and dedicated board members with the goal of promoting sports medicine education, research, and innovation.

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